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The best stand-alone timer available.

Features two outputs controlled by two independent four stage timers. Typically one output is used to trim the motor while the second output controls a ram to lift the motor.

The timers can be started together or independently. Both timers also have to be armed before they will cycle; this keeps the timers from restarting if you have to let up on the throttle momentarily. The arming can be done by a remote switch, or by pressing the enter key on the keypad.


  • 12 and 16 volt compatible
  • Microprocessor Controlled Timing
  • Retains all numbers, even when power is disconnected
  • Large illuminated display and keypad for day/night reading
  • Self-test mode on all display functions
  • Positive feel keypad for simple and quick programming (even with gloves on)
  • Scrolling on keypad for quick number changes
  • Timing can be set to the thousandths of a second on stage 1 and 2
  • Output is reversible (Battery to 0V or 0V to Battery)
  • Arm feature keeps the timers from recycling
  • Two independent timers


  • Face Size: 5¾ x 4¼" x 1¾"
  • Overall Size: 7" x 4¼" x 1¾"