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Elite Time or RPM Switch for Motorcycles

$229.99 - MSRP

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Introducing, the Digital Delay Elite Time or RPM Switch for Motorcycles designed especially for racers, who, need to kill the engine when making shifts.

The new Elite Time or RPM Switch for Motorcycles can shift up to five times by either time or RPM. The above and below 10,000 RPM Shift Ranges of the original Elite RPM switch has been eliminated, so now any RPM from 3000 to 19,999 can be entered for any shift.

A new pushbutton input allows the user to override the unit or to make manual shifts while still using the Auto Shift functions. The pushbutton can also be used to keep the box from shifting during the burnout. Each time a shift occurs during a pass the Time and RPM of the shift is stored for Review after the pass.

  • Shift RPM can be set from 3,000 to 19,999 RPM
  • Selectable standard kill or reverse kill
  • Pushbutton input allows manual shifts
  • Burn-out feature keeps bike from shifting during the Burn-out
  • Shift up to 5 times by RPM and/or Time
  • Built in digital tach with peek RPM and review feature
  • The back lit display, with 2 lines of text
  • Compatible with 2, 4, and 6 cylinder engines
  • Compatible with most ignitions


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