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Shop online or call 563-324-1046

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One of the only buttons recommended by Digital Delay.

This is the very popular 'over-sized mushroom' design, high-amperage snap-action, positive-feel transbrake, nitrous, or line-lock button from Otto Controls.

The mushroom shape is especially comfortable when wearing gloves, for "pro-tree" racers who have to hit the trans brake button very quickly after staging, or for you bracket racers who "hit" the tree twice.

A threaded shaft, and locknut make it very simple to mount on a steering wheel, or any other desired location.

Comes complete with a stretch cord.


  • Button sealed with patented “'rolling sleeve'” principle.
  • Contact area is dust tight, sealed at button and terminals.
  • Less than 25 milliohms contact resistance.
  • Ideal for low level switching as well as up to 20 amps.
  • Positive tactile feedback.
  • 1 million mechanical cycle life