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Elite 625


Available in Black or Chrome.

Introducing, the Digital Delay Elite 625 with built-in Dial controller.

Automatically updates your Dial Display board every time you change Your Dial on the Elite 625. No need to enter Your Dial a second time on another unit.

The Elite 625 has all the features of the Elite 600, plus some new features. Including our Set and Go push-button mode which is similar to Z-Force* - the press of a button (SET) sets the Transbrake and then on the press of a separate second button (GO) starts the delay timing - and the ability to directly control any of our V2 Dial Display Board.

Features / Specifications
  • CrossTalk Compatible
  • Same dash cutout as 400, 450, 500, or 600
  • Full Bracket and Pro Modes
  • See Dial-ins and Delays at the same time
  • Backlit Keypad and Screen
  • Burn-out Timer
  • Separate I/O board to simplify wiring
  • Tap Up, Down, and Multi-tap
  • Driver’s Reaction Tester
  • 9 pass memory Replay Tach
  • Three 4 Stage Timers
  • Shift up to 5 time by RPM or Time
  • 5 Push modes
  • 7 independent outputs:
    • Transbrake
    • Starting Line Enhancer
    • Line Lock
    • Timer 1 (40 Amp)
    • Timer 2 (40 Amp)
    • Timer 3 (40 Amp)
    • Shift (40 Amp)
  • All Outputs are fused
  • Status LED’s on I/O board

* Z-Force is a registered trade mark of K&R Performance Engineering


#1111 ~ Elite 625 Delay Box *
* requires a Display Board to display your Dial-in.

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